Monday, August 29, 2005

What a weekend.

Here it is Monday. Hurricane Katrina has landed east of the Big Easy and spared her total destruction. Hopefully no more that a few lives were lost due to her destructive force arriving her on the gulf coast.
On to the stupid news.
Although Katrina was hitting the Gulf coast pretty hard, Residents were told to evacuate New Orleans as safely as possible, some didn't. then there was the guy who called 911 because he stayed and now was in his flooded house about to have to punch through the roof with an ax to keep from drowning, calling the police in the height of the hurricane asking for someone to come get him...
Suge Knight of the rap record company Row Records got shot Saturday in Miami before the MTV Music awards. He will survive. Shooter not captured, and was a lousy shot. Just hit him the leg. Dumbass.
Maurice Clarett, the guy from Ohio State University who sued the NFL to get into the draft, is getting canned from the Bronco's this week. Because he sucks and doesn't have what it takes to play pro ball. One Big disappointment after another.
Received this letter in an email from a friend in Norfolk, Thought it should be passed along her too. By the way i fully and totally agree with her...I Don't care either.....
Great letter!

 This is what I've been saying all along.

Could not have said this any better myself! especially today - The lady
that wrote this letter is Pam Foster of Pamela Foster and
Associates in Atlanta. She's been in business since 1980 doing interior
design and home planning. She recently wrote a letter to a family
member serving in Iraq Read it!


"Are we fighting a war on terror or aren't we? Was it or
was it  not started by Islamic people who brought it to our shores on
September 11, 2001? Were people from all over the world, mostly
Americans, not brutally murdered that day, in downtown Manhattan, across
the Potomac from our  nation's capitol and in a field in Pennsylvania?
Did nearly three thousand  men, women and children die a horrible,
burning or crushing death that day, or didn't they?

And I'm supposed to care that a copy of the Koran was
"desecrated" when an overworked American soldier kicked it or got it wet?
Well, I don't. I don't care at all.

I'll start caring when Osama bin Laden turns himself in
and repents for incinerating all those innocent people on 9/11.

I'll care about the Koran when the fanatics in the  Middle
East start caring about the Holy Bible, the mere possession of which
is a crime in Saudi Arabia.

I'll care when Abu Musab al-Zarqawi tells the world he is
sorry for hacking off Nick Berg's head while Berg screamed through
his gurgling, slashed throat.

I'll care when the  cowardly so-called "insurgents" in Iraq
come out and fight like men instead of disrespecting their own religion
by hiding in mosques.

I'll  care when the mindless zealots who blow themselves up
in search of nirvana care about the innocent children within range of
their suicide bombs.

I'll care when the American media stops pretending that
their First Amendment liberties are somehow derived from international
law instead of the United States Constitution's Bill of Rights.

In the meantime, when I hear a story about a brave marine
roughing up an Iraqi terrorist to obtain information, know this: I
don't care.

When I see a fuzzy photo of a pile of naked Iraqi
prisoners who have been humiliated in what amounts to a college hazing
incident, rest assured that I don't care.

When I see a wounded terrorist get shot in the head when
he is told not to move because he might be booby-trapped, you can take it
to the bank that I don't care.

When I hear that a prisoner, who was issued a Koran and a
prayer mat, and fed "special" food that is paid for by my tax dollars,
is  complaining that his holy book is being "mishandled," you
can absolutely believe in your heart of hearts that I don't

And oh, by the way, I've noticed that sometimes it's
spelled "Koran" and other times "Quran."  Well, Jimmy Crack Corn and -- y
ou guessed it, I could not have said this any better myself!
Especially today!

If you agree with this view point, pass this on to all
your e-mail friends. Sooner or later, it'll get to the
people responsible for this ridiculous behavior!  If you
don't agree, too bad.
Should you choose the latter, then please don't complain
when more atrocities committed by radical muslims happen
here in our great country

Friday, August 26, 2005

Try this in Mexico

Try this in Mexico
This certainly works in Jeb's Florida 

Try driving around as a Gringo in Mexico with no liability insurance,  and have an accident.

Enter MEXICO illegally - never mind immigration quotas, visas, international law, or any of that nonsense.

Once there, demand that the local  government provide free medical care for you and your entire family.

Demand bilingual nurses and doctors.

Demand free bilingual local  government forms, bulletins, etc.

Procreate abundantly.

Speak only English at home and in  public and insist that your children do likewise.

Demand classes on American culture in the Mexican school system.

Demand a local Mexican drivers license.  This will afford other legal rights and will go far to legitimize your unauthorized,  illegal, presence in Mexico.

Insist that local Mexican law enforcement teach English to all its officers.

Good luck!  Because it will never happen. It will not happen in Mexico or any other country in the world except right here in the United States...Land of the naive! 

If you agree, pass it on.

If you don't, go ahead and try the above in Mexico.

Everyone is entitled to be stupid, but some abuse the privlege!


Thursday, August 25, 2005

More Rants.

Well the Gods of BRAC have spoken. NAS Oceana has a reprieve. For 6 months or until the population surrounding Oceana revolt and lynch the mayor, O' Meyera of short rotundness, the city council and the State of Virginia. They were told to fix the encroachment around the base and they have six months to do it OR the Master jet base fly's to Florida. Well as the Virginian Pilot reported this morning, with 1800+ homes, plus businesses in the zones indicated, valued at over $285,000,000 accessed value, not market value, which in that area is much higher, the city will have to condemn all of these areas, paying much less for the properties than their value. Glad I sold my house up there. Now I wish I was an attorney, because there are some up there that are going to make millions off this. As the commissioner on BRAC said to mayor rotundness yesterday, your about 20 years too late doing what you should have done.
Speaking of attorneys, do you know what 1000 lawyers on the bottom of the sea is?  A good start.......... I hate attorneys. Ruthless, ignorant, waste of human flesh. What a waste of air...
Cindy Sheehan is back in the news. Dumb bitch is going back to Texas to be a further pain in our ass. She obviously didn't get my message......   GO THE FUCK HOME BITCH AND MAKE A PIE OR SOMETHING. SHUT UP FOR CHRISTS SAKES!!!!    Would someone please pass the message on....Go here to see some other comments from other parents of service members.
Florida State has won it's battle with the NCAA. GO SEMINOLES!!! Rich white men with nothing better to do than make decisions about being politically correct. Glad they don't control this rant. I'm about as politically correct as a cannibal in sorority house .
Another hurricane hitting Florida again this weekend. Through the lower half and right back into the panhandle again. WTFO? Can't we direct these damn things into...Virginia or maybe Cuba and Mexico....all those we could lose and nobody would really care, well at least I wouldn't...
 Steroids and sports. What? Did anyone really think that they weren't being used somewhere? Now the French are accusing Lance Armstrong of steroid use. Hey wait a minute. Did anybody think about the fact that he had fucking cancer and doctors sometime prescribe them to their patients. Sore losers. Can't stand being beaten at the own game on home turf  7 times in a row by one of us silly Americans.
Speaking of doctors. Did you hear about the one in New York that is getting sued and taken before the AMA for calling one of his patients obese. Well damn if the bitch is fat tell her she's fat. It's the truth. Don't lie about and tell her "oh,its just a few extra pounds", tell her. Your FAT! Loose weight!
What is a group of people that are supposed to be able to help you with a problem called?  A computer help desk.
Confusion is always the most honest response!

New Posted Gas Prices!

New prices at the pumps today!! Think we should all boycott EXXON, MOBILE and SHELL for a month or 2. Buy BP, CITGO or Chevron. Bet F'n gas prices would go down then when the Big 2 start loosing a ton of cash because no one is buying the fuel. Think about! Act! Stop buying that foriegn shit and buy domestic gas...Tell your friends, start a trend!!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Deserving of Praise.

Figured this deserved to be by itself. I want to thank my wife for all the work she has been doing up in VA Beach. Getting a house ready to move, long distance, by yourself, is one hell of a chore, especially with all the crap we have, and she has done it plus contending with all the other stuff in our dysfunctional world. Thank you.. Couldn't have done it with out you......Luv ya.

More of my insights of the world

More on Oceana!

Did you see the hearing over the weekend about NAS OCEANA? What a bunch of buffoons from Virginia Beach. It is flat embarrassing to believe I actually lived there. First they give permission to a developer to build these condo's right in the flight path, against the NAVY's wishes, then buy back the land for $15 million dollars last week just because of BRAC. Then to admit it on National TV in front of a Government committee. They looked like a bunch of idiots. The Governor, 2 senators (although only 1 showed up), the Mayor (her short rotund ness Meyra) and a couple of paid consultants.  Florida was seated first, with Governor Bush, the mayor of Jacksonville, Florida's lead consultant (ADM) Bob Natter, who might just know a thing or 2 about Oceana and the Hampton roads area. They presented a well thought out issue for Cecil Field. Guess by the end of the week whether Oceana goes to Florida and Meyra and her council cronies get fired.

Drug dealer must forfeit lottery cash!
Texas man wins $5.5 million in a lottery, but must give it back after drug dealing conviction.
HOUSTON (Reuters) - A Mexican citizen must forfeit about $2.75 million in Texas lottery winnings because of his drug-trafficking conviction, a federal appeals court said on Wednesday.
Jose Luis Betancourt, 52, was arrested after making a cocaine delivery shortly after accepting $5.5 million for having the winning ticket in the December 11, 2002, lottery drawing, according to court documents.
A jury convicted Betancourt, who was living in the border city of Brownsville, Texas, of conspiracy and two counts of possession with intent to distribute cocaine in May 2003 and also found he must forfeit his one-half interest in the lottery ticket.
A three-judge panel of the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals agreed with the trial court judge's ruling that Betancourt bought his share of the ticket with drug proceeds because that was his only apparent source of income. The court also upheld his punishment of more than 24 years in prison without parole.
"Mr. Betancourt's luck ran out, and appropriately so," said U.S. Attorney Chuck Rosenberg

Damn the bad luck. About time. Maybe more judges should take this ones lead and start doing something about this crap. Furthermore, if he's Mexican what the hell was he doing here anyway and how did he collect the winnings? Fake Green card?

This next one is good.
Atlanta Olympics Bomber Apologizes to His Victims
Eric Rudolph, given four consecutive life terms, says he accepts responsibility. But the prosecutor and families question his sincerity.
Well DUH! Like anyone is going to actually believe this asshole is sincere with an apology! He was bombing people for the hell of it. What are we frickin stupid or what.

Survey ranks UW-Madison top party school.  Again!!!

MADISON, Wis. -- The University of Wisconsin-Madison topped the list of the nation's party schools Monday despite a decade-long effort by school officials to reduce its reputation for heavy drinking.

Guess I don't want my kids going here. But Hell if there's a party!?!?!

Texas Hospitality  ( A joke)

Dallas: "Tower to Saudi Air 091101--You are cleared to land southbound on
runway 180R."
Saudi Air: "Dallas ATC, 091101 cleared to 180R.    Allah be Praised!"
Dallas: "Tower to Iran Air 091103--You are cleared to land northbound on
runway 360L."
Iran Air: "Dallas ATC, 091103 cleared to 360L.    May Allah Bless you."
Dallas Ground: "Ground to Palestine Air 091105--You are cleared to cross the parallel."
Palestine Air: "Ground, 091105 cleared to cross at the mid-section. Paradise awaits Allah's servants"
Dallas: "Tower to Egypt Air 091102--You are cleared to land southbound on
runway 180R."
Egypt Air: "Dallas ATC, 091102 cleared to 180R.    Allah is Great."
Dallas: "Tower to Syria Air 091104--You are cleared to land northbound on
runway 360L."
Syria  Air: "Dallas ATC, 091104 cleared to 360L.   Allah the Highest."

Pause: Static..............???%%%**** $$$$

Saudi Air:    "DALLAS TOWER!!!     DALLAS TOWER!!!"
Dallas:   "Go ahead 091101?"

Dallas:   Y'all be careful now---ya hear?"

A Thought to ponder.

Train your head and hands to do,
Your head and heart to dare!

A correction from a previous post. Mark isn't from Virginia Beach and as he said " I abandoned it". He moved 5 years ago to Chesapeake. Sorry Mark. Take care shipmate!

Monday, August 22, 2005

Day of all days.

What a day this has been.
Had a great weekend with my sons. Went on the search for cleats for my oldest son. 9 stores later finally found some. Went and saw some old friends and then to see my grand daughters.
Sunday was even better. We went to the beach, watched the high speed boat races and played in the gulf. Until it rained. Went home and watched the race.
Dale jr. did good. Could have done better had they fueled about 20 laps earlier but still did good. 3 weeks until the chase. Hope he can make it.
Today was just a day. 98 degrees here in Panama City Beach. Humid as hell and thunderstorms this afternooon and evening.
Got an email from Mark up in VA Beach. My letter and comments about Cindy Sheehan was published as an article in the Virginian Pilot in the Sunday Commentary Section on page 2. obviously made an impact with the editors. Will keep you posted on what comments are made about it.
Then the rest of the day started.
Wife wiped out the lawn mower up in VA Beach, Pretty close to 100 up there with all the factors invovlved.
Plus then the really bad news. Her car, a special edition 99 Mustang GT may have a bad air intake on it which fails and leaks coolant into the engine. Thankfully FORD will pay for that one.
The icing on the cake came later. Death in the family.
So as you can tell life in the harbor is sucking.
Todays news wasn't as bad. Although they still haven't found out why the 49ers player collapsed and died. 23 years old doing what he wanted in life. Cut short. My condolances to the family.
The Jag's on the other hand are doing great so far. 2-0 in the preseason and playing well. Went to the first game as Alltel Stadium and watched. Trust me when I say I well WE will be there for more games this year. It's so much better in person.
Tomorrow will be a better day.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Things I ponder sometimes

How do businesses stay in business when they don't show up to appointments?
What really is customer service?
How can in be cooler in Florida than in Virginia?
Why are people such assholes these days?
Why do companies advertise jobs, except applications and resumes, do interviews and never call you back?
What's an asshat?

News Comments and More of My Opinions

Well today's news doesn't look any better.  Missiles shot at our ships overseas, teenager killed by a tiger in Kansas of all places, Girls eating chips and french fries as kids risking breast cancer, a mom suing Chili's for serving hot mash potatoes to her infant and lets not forget Cindy Sheehan. In sports, The SAINTS of all teams beat the Patriots!
Don't know how many of you really scan the news but I for one am a news junkie. Google News, CNN, Yahoo, even the fish rapper in Virginia Beach, the Pilot Ledger Star online ( really just to see what they are doing now to try and save Oceana Naval Air Station).
Back to the news.
Al Qaeda claims it shot the missiles at our ships. What the hell. Obviously, they suck because the ships they shot at are so big to have missed it they must surely can't hit the broad side of a barn at 10 feet. Why don't we just go and start killing these ignorant ragheads and be done with it. How many lives will we save in the process. Screw world opinion. Bomb the fuck out of them, leave a crater and tell the rest of the world, Maybe we won't have to deal with them anymore, and when we do catch them, don't prosecute them, take out in the street and shot the fuckers between the eyes and be done with it.
17 year old girl killed by siberian tiger in Kansas.
Why do we have lions and tigers and other extremely wild animals on a family run farm in Kansas? Don't you have to have a licence to have these types of animals in this country? And what stupid ass let a 17 year old girl in a pin with a 7 year old  WILD Siberian Tiger to get her picture taken in the first place. And I though rednecks were dumb.
NOW our little girls can't eat chips or french fries anymore. Just one more thing on the list of things that will cause cancer. As reported on FOX News they are all tied to breast cancer. Damn is there anything left we can eat or drink or breath that isn't going to kill us? Hey buddy, pass that Southern fried chicken over here, Bartender, I need another drink, and make this one a double( Hey, it's 5 oclock somewhere), and give me a light would you, my lighter died and I want another cigerette with my drink.
Did anyone else here about the mom in NM( I think) that is suing Chili's because her infant got burned on his face from the HOT mash potatoes they were served? Yep you heard me right. Chili's is settling with the family for $8500, probably just to end the problem. So now lets look at this. You go into a restaurant and order food, which you expect to be cooked and hot when you get it, at least I do. You put a hot plate of mash potatoes in front of your less than a year old kid to eat without as much as testing it to make sure it's not to hot for them so they don't get burned. Now you are suing them because you as a mother were a fucking stupid ass. You should be brought up on child abuse charges you dumb bitch.
Cindy is leaving the ranch early! Hooray! Maybe we won't have to hear anymore about this stupid friggin idiot anymore but that's doubtful. To Cindy, Hope your mother is doing better.(Seriously).
The New Orleans Saints pulled off a great defeat last night, beating the NE Patriots 37-27. Claude, a guy at work here said it would happen and it did. Now we will never hear the end of it.

Just another Day

I opened this blog this morning to find a few comments from the people out there looking. But I also found SPAM. Advertisements for car loans and Rainbow vacuum cleaners ( wouldn't buy another one anyway, worst $2000 I ever spent. Piece of crap.)and other shit. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate that people are looking at it and taking the time to read it and leave a comment. There are a couple of comments that have links in them, which I have no problem with, because the people putting them in there made a comment to the blog.
Just for every ones info out there. Come in, read it, comment on it if you like, but don't REPEAT DON'T just spam the Scuttlebutt. I WILL without any heartburn or hesitation delete it into cyber trash. I won't trash your comments, good or bad. That's what this is here for. Individual opinions. I have mine, you have yours. I respect that.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

What is Our Navy coming to?

This came to me through a mutual friend from a old buddy still in the Navy. Their comments are the first and I have to agree with them.
I had to send this to you....I cannot believe the navy has come to this! I'm sure you can tell who it came from, but i cannot believe this. i asked him if the afternoon included group hugs and all of them sitting around holding hands and singing 'kumbaya'!

OK, so we get in this morning, find out we have an unscheduled no-fly day, so they schedule a three hour 'class' for all hands. an impromptu 'motivational' series of lectures. may i expound on my thoughts as i sat through three hours of voices i couldn't understand, something akin to a bus station announcing system, and realized i could never get these hours back in my life? hope you said yes. I took notes. feel free to use this for friends and co-workers...attribute it to 'a classic under-achiever; thoughts during a motivational speech on goals-setting'...
Step 1.)  Desire to have a goal. Or don't. Whatever...
Step 2.)   Write down your goals. That way you can tell yourself every day what a loser you are.
Step 3.)    Identify obstacles and realize how stupid you were to expect to overcome them.
Step 4.)   Obtain the knowledge you need to meet your goal, you moron.
Step 5.)   Gather all the information you need. Stack it together in your pile of broken dreams.
Step 6.)    Develop a plan and realize the futility of beginning. See Step 1.
Step 7.)    Picture yourself achieving your goal. Visualize. Can't see it happening, can you?
Step 8.)    Have a back-up plan. Tell yourself this is not giving up, just 'a back-up plan'.

A Message from GUNNY





found at Grouchy Old Cripple

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Here's something to just trip your trigger

Iraq Enjoys Some of World's Cheapest Gas

Associated Press Writer

August 17, 2005, 1:33 PM EDT

LONDON -- Motorists struggling with high gas prices in the United States and Europe may be surprised to learn that consumers in Iraq pay as little as 5 cents a gallon, according to the International Monetary Fund's first assessment of the Iraqi economy in 25 years.

Thanks to generous government subsidies on petroleum products -- which the IMF criticized as a threat to the country's fragile economy -- Iraq has some of the cheapest gas in the world.

By contrast, Americans pay about $2.55 a gallon and Britons pay $6.24. Iraqis also pay much less for a gallon of regular gasoline than in nearby countries such as Iran (38 cents), Jordan ($1.89) and Syria ($1.74).

Even the many Iraqis who pay higher, black-market prices at the pump often make money by smuggling gasoline into neighboring countries such as Turkey, according to the International Monetary Fund's 62-page report released Monday.

Iraq's government hasn't been able to fulfill its promise to the IMF to slash the massive subsidies, given how much the country already is suffering from escalating violence by insurgents, high unemployment and inflation, and poor electricity, water and sewage services.

Last month, the Yemeni government agreed to reverse its earlier decision to lift subsidies on oil products after a wave of riots and strikes swept Yemen's major cities.

In 2004, gasoline subsidies alone cost the Iraqi government $3 billion, the IMF said.

Therefore, the IMF said it was cutting its forecast for gross domestic product growth this year from 17 percent to 4 percent. In 2004, the Iraqi GDP was $25.5 billion. This year it is projected to reach $29.3 billion.

The IMF said oil production was likely to reach only 2 million barrels a day over the year, down from its earlier estimate of 2.4 million barrels "because of the continuing sabotage of oil installations and the resulting halting of oil exports from the north."

Before U.S.-led forces defeated Saddam Hussein, whose government also heavily subsidized gas prices for consumers, average annual oil production in Iraq was 2.5 million barrels per day.

The IMF said the government was likely to run short of money in the second half of this year because of lower oil exports and a shortfall in revenue largely caused by the subsidies.

Iraq's proven oil reserves, estimated at about 115 billion barrels, are the world's third largest. The potential development of the oil sector is considerable, given that a large portion of the country remains unexplored.

That's why oil analysts closely watch Iraq's oil production and export figures to see if they will affect the world's skyrocketing oil prices, now hovering at about $66 a barrel.

"Because of the tight situation of the oil market, any increase in Iraqi production will have a positive affect on the supply side," said Muhammad-Ali Zainy, a senior energy economist at the London-based Centre for Global Energy Studies.

Iraq's economy has benefited from today's oil prices. But widespread attacks by insurgents limit its oil exports. Also, the government doesn't have the money it needs to rehabilitate and upgrade an oil industry infrastructure that has fallen apart during two decades of wars, misuse by Saddam Hussein's government and international trade sanctions.

Zainy said few changes are expected in Iraq's current oil exports of about 1.6 million barrels a day, mostly through its southern ports, which have suffered far fewer insurgent attacks than the main pipeline to Turkey in the north.

"The problem is that the Iraqi economy is in a shambles and non-oil income is trivial, so the government is almost completely dependent on oil income and whatever the international community can contribute," Zainy said.

Issam al-Chalabi, who served as Iraq's oil minister in the late 1980s, agreed.

"It's doubtful the government will be able to do anything of significance regarding its oil market this year," al-Chalabi said in a telephone interview from Jordan, where he now works as an oil consultant.

He said the insurgent attacks mean none of the world's major oil companies are willing to invest in the country.

Al-Chalabi said these companies also don't want to sign significant contracts in a country that is currently drafting a new constitution that could affect the oil industry and that plans to elect a new national government later this year.

"BP and Shell are not planning to go into Iraq any time soon. Until you get a new elected government and much better security, forget it," al-Chalabi said.

Copyright (c) 2005, The Associated Press

Truth be told Bush Can't afford to face Ms Sheehan

In response to the article by Trudy Rubin of the Philly Tribune. First a few facts. President Bush has already met with Mrs. Sheehan and the other mothers with her. She is not the only person in this country that would like to see our troops come home. Pres. Bush has answered her questions on numerous occasions publicly for all of us to the best of his ability with security in mind. There are just some things that he nor anyone in DC can publicly answer because it's classified information that could lead to the deaths of so many more of our troops. By Ms. Rubin's translation into "BUSH-ESE", we can only assume that she knows what the President is thinking and that these answers are just mis-information.

What she doesn't see is what happens behind the scenes which is not for public view. President Bush meets with every family of a service member killed or injured and he is not the only one who has done this. President Clinton did the same as did many others before them.
What's more is that President Bush is not the only one responsible for our presence in Iraq. Do we all forget that the President cannot except in a time of emergency take this country to war. It takes the ENTIRE Congress, Senate and House votes to take this country to war, which I must remind you they did with a vote of 77-23 in the Senate and 296-133 in the House. So maybe we should give some of our elected representatives the responsibility also.

Did the parents of the crew members of the USS COLE who were lost or injured parade around the White House after the ship was bombed. No they didn't. Instead they stood on the pier with the rest of the crew and held their heads high with the satisfaction that their sons and daughters made the sacrifice that our fore fathers did. I know this for a fact. I was there. I stood in the same room with these families in their hours of sorrow, provided a shoulder to cry on, and watched as a President, the leader of the entire free world became just another human being like all of us, as he talked to every family of the lost and injured. It humbled me to the fact that our Presidents, living up there in that grand house are really just people too.

I think that we all need to remember 9-11. We as a country were attacked for the first time in over 100 years on our home ground. Thousands lost their lives, needlessly, men, women and children, mostly civilians. Had President Bush not done some of things he has done, there is that great possibility that some of our own cities would look like Baghdad with thousands more dead. Then everyone would be screaming that we should have done something to prevent this.

Mrs. Sheehan has a right to be upset. She has lost her son. It was not President Bush's fault alone. Mrs. Sheehan should look in the mirror. She carries part of the blame. She raised her son. Did she send him to college? Did she prepare him for a life after he grew up and became an adult? Did she not teach him to honor our flag, our country, our FREEDOM? He wasn't forced into the military, because there is no draft. He VOLUTEERED to join, just like every other service member that have died in this conflict. Mrs. Sheehan, a message to you from a former member of our country\'s military. Go home, mourn your son. Do something to make his loss worth something that will be remembered.

The Navy closing NAS Oceana in Virginia Beach

Should have seen it coming!! Close it! Close it Tomorrow!! After living in this hell hole for 17 yrs against my will (now retired NAVY) and listening to the people complain about the NAVY and the noise, it's about time our NAVY leaders took the hint from you complainers and said lets close it and go somewhere where our jobs, our money and our SERVICE protecting our citizens is appreciated. Do you really think VA Beach will recover quickly? Your kidding right? Tourism going to increase? Your beaches are filthy, the locals are rude and obnoxious to both the visitors and Navy people here. Find a house under construction for UNDER $300K in VA Beach. Can't do it. I saw this writing on the wall. Took complete advantage of it too. Sold my house here at the inflated price. Taking the money and running as fast as I can back to where visitors and the military are treated like GUESTS in our community, back to a real vacation paradise. FLORIDA. Care to join me?