Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Time to Fix Ourselves!

We as Americans need to stand up be better stewards of this great nation that was entrusted to us by GOD. Obama is not the problem. We and I mean this country voted him in. If you did not vote for him fine I understand that but how much time did we spend helping someone worthy of the Presidential Office get a campaign started on the local level to one day run for the oval office. Folks it is not the governments fault it is OURS we vote these officials in office. If you are a man or woman of good moral standing and will not be swayed by the rotten money grabbers in Washington dc then I say run for local government then state government and then US government. I WILL VOTE FOR YOU and so many more will to. My friends it all starts with us at the bottom of the food chain the backbone of this great nation of thinkers and doers. In a time of turmoil that this country of the greatest men and women on earth we all need to ask yourself a question. CAN I HELP RESHAPE THIS LAND? I believe that answer is yes. I know that there are people out there worthy of holding public offices at each level and we all know at least one. Lets come together convince these people to run for offices and give them the support they need to lead our country back to the greatness that it once had.

People always say, "It's Obamas fault" or "It's Bushes fault". Your wrong on both counts. I say it's Clintons fault. He is the one that put through NAFTA and that is where all the jobs and money went. We need to get our American owned companies back into America and get back to a manufacturing based economy and not a service based economy. Obama is talking about all the new jobs that are in America now and that we are on the road to recovery. I say B.S. All these jobs are low paying service jobs. Where the hell are the manufacturing jobs that made this country great and powerful and respected? They are all over seas now. Buy American is the way to go. Too bad they don't have a label on the American products to tell you if it is truly American Made. The product may be American owned but odds are it is manufactured outside the US. We have become a nation of lazy consumers that manufacture nothing for ourselves. We need to get the government off our backs and out of our pockets and make it easier for a person to start their own business without having to jump through all the hoops and government red tape that is needed to do business in this country. We also need term limits on ALL elected offices. DC is nothing but a good ol' boys club and the only thing they are interested in is re-election. The government was never meant to be a career. The founding fathers saw it as a term of service and then they returned to the private sector. I refuse to vote for any incumbent politician and I urge ALL Americans to do the same. If the incumbent is running for re-election then vote for the other guy.
Quit this partisan arguing amongst ourselves. You must realize that once these guys get elected they are no longer Republicans or Democrats. They all become Republicrats and are now members of the DC Good ol' Boys Club. Stop blaming the President no matter who he is. The only power the president has is the veto. The House and the Senate are the ones spending all your hard earned tax dollars. If you want to see real change, quit returning these morons and get some fresh faces and ideas into those bodies of government