Wednesday, January 27, 2010

 Life is too short to wake up with regrets. ♥ So love the people who treat you right. ♥ Forget about the one's who don't. Believe everything happens for a reason. If you get a second chance, grab it with both hands. If it changes your life, let it. Nobody said life would be easy, they just promised it would be worth it.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

We’re Tired and We’re Not Going to Take This Any More: A Call to Arms

They Have Awoken a Sleeping Giant –

1. We're tired of politician's stealing our money in the name of social justice and we're tired of their programs that promote socialism which we don't agree with.
2. We're tired of being criticized and called selfish when we say that we would like to spend our money in the way that we wish and not give to government programs that support 'victims' who don't support their local communities, churches, schools and organizations like we do.
3. We're tired of being told that God should not be in politics in a world where selfishness and deceit are rampant and abortion is legal.
4. We're tired of the innocent killing of babies being promoted as a form of birth control and abortion being promoted as a right.
5. We're tired of being taken for granted and told that the politicians know what is best for us better than we do.
6. We're tired of being lied to by a media that only tells half a story – A media that produces untrue pictures in favor of those they love and in opposition to those they hate.
7. We're tired of a media who tells us that to be Christian or God loving is immature or silly.
8. We're tired of a media that tells us that our military are murderers and that we are causing terrorists to murder.
9. We're tired of being told that we are the evil ones when we don't accept the lies of the media or government.
10. We're tired of being told constantly why we should hate our great country, the most giving country ever in world history.
11. We're tired of being told that we are the ones who started wars and killed people without reason.
12. We're tired of being told that we should turn our heads and ignore the evil in the world and not protect ourselves from those whose goal is to kill us.
13. We're tired of a government that spends more than it makes (takes) without caring who ultimately is going to pay for it.
14. Were tired of politicians who lack the courage to do what is right and who only care about what is in it for them or what greater political position they can steal.
15. We're tired of federal system that encourages lobbyists to bribe politicians in order to get things done their way in Washington.
16. We're tired of attorneys who bring frivolous cases to our courts with money as their only motive.
17. We're tired of politicians passing medical legislation for us that they won't accept for their own families.
18. We're tired of being told that women are silly when they love their husbands and provide them safe and happy homes and families.
19. We're tired of being told that love is a sexual and selfish act and nothing more.
20. We're tired of being called callous and not compassionate when we don't agree with the creation socialist society.

We're tired of politicians who believe that we work for them when in all actuality they work for us.

We're tired of politicians who treat the American people as if they are stupid. Speaking down to us and ignoring our wishes.

We're tired of rampant and blatant corruption in our Government.

We're tired of suffering and sacrificing while our elected officials live the high life.

Yes, we're tired, but not too tired to stand up for what is right. Not too tired to walk in to the voting booth and pull the lever to end the careers of politicians who no longer do the bidding of the people. We are not too tired take back America!!!! Stupid? We aren't.

This is a great site with good suggestions for what we need to do this year to save our country: